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Friday, June 04, 2004

First Post

I hate those first posters on message boards so I thought I'd beat them to it in the hopes of keeping them at bay.

I'm also something of a reluctant blogger. It's not that I don't want to litter the public consciousness with my ignorant opinions the same as everyone else, it's just the fact that everyone else is doing it which makes me want to avoid this. But I'm coming to suspect that blogging (or something like it) is very probably the future of the web, and I'd like to stay out as far ahead of the technological curve as my time and finances allow.

Lately I've been learning PHP. (I know behind the curve again.) I've even been developing a primitive content management system that I could probably use for this, but I decided to give blogger a try because it seems like a quick and easy intro to blogging--and I haven't decided on what features I'd implement on my own. I had experimented with greymatter when I was with another host, but didn't feel like setting it all up when I switched. My directories on my current host are cluttered enough as it is.


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