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Friday, October 08, 2004

Election Fraud As campaign Strategy

I must confess I'm ambivalent about this election. Yes Bush is good and Kerry is evil, which is proven by the level of pure liberal rage if nothing else. Yet, despite my better instincts, I've been sampling the usual mindless liberal crap that floats through the blogs on the net when I began to notice a disturbing trend.

I was looking mostly at web/css design sites (who's owners all seem to be of the same political stripe) when I followed some links related to the actual voting process. A lot of the discussions were about how one can register and vote by mail, when the various state deadlines were and how restrictive they were at the polls.

Now I'll admit I am sometimes slow on the uptake. I tend to take life at face value. But in among all the usual left-wing extremist paranoia and mythology about voter disenfranchisement and evil republicans turning voters away (somehow, especially, in districts run by democrats), it gradually dawned on me what these nice fair-minded liberals were talking about.

They were talking about how they could vote in multiple states.

Suddenly all this talk in the news about voter disenfranchisement and evil republicans makes sense. They're actually trying to discourage any kind of challenge to, or even close inspection of, the poll results.

We've long known that the dead vote democratic (especially in Chicago) and that illegals vote democratic (especially in LA) now it seems that college students (these were mostly college students) vote democratic where and as often as they like. At least if they can find a state that will take mail in ballots.

The terrorists don't have to blow anything up. They can just walk into any number of states that don't require voter ID (and even many that do, but only require those forms that are easily forged) and send multiple ballots in by mail, and vote themselves into power. The democrats seem to be doing everything they can to help them out.

I shouldn't be surprised though. When you embrace relativism in all its forms, there is no such thing as truth...only the exercise of raw naked power.


Blogger Alien said...

One thing that would help is verifying the SSN through the credit bureaus. They are usually the first to know if an SSN has never been issued or is reported as deceased.

October 12, 2004 at 10:36 AM  
Blogger Yojimbo said...

All they need to do is dip your finger in indilible ink once you've voted and.... ummmm on second thought never mind.
As they used to say in Chicago... vote early and vote often.
Fun fact: as late as the 1970's there was public debate in the Georgia state senate over how long a dead person could remain on the roles, I think they settled on about 5 years.

October 15, 2004 at 8:44 PM  

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