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Friday, December 03, 2004

Cracks In The Foundation

There has been a lot of press of late about Mr. Annan getting caught with his pants down in the so called "oil for food" scam. As usual the press is marching in lock-step, pointing fingers at the president and US conservatives saying "no one agrees with you anyway". Sophomoric (and self serving) appeals to popular/"world" opinion aside, its always interesting when a new iceberg tips its head above the news cartel waters. This report seems to indicate that not all is well in Annon land.

While it would be amusing to see Annan get tossed out on his ear for his crass attempt to influence US elections, he's in his second term and has most likely done all the damage he most likely to do. Like the president, I'd prefer to see a full accounting--though I'm afraid we're not likely to see that with him still in office. One would have expected his Nixonesque secrecy to have roused the press, but they're always the last to turn on their own. After all, this "news" has been known for years now.


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