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Thursday, September 16, 2004

CBS News, Faked Memos, and the Nixon Kennedy Debates...

The fallout from this faked story is quite interesting. With repeated revelations of false and plagiarized news stories in the print media, admissions of censorship by CNN and ongoing stories like this--CBS News | GOP Slams CBS On Bush Memos I'm constantly amazed that liberals still have the balls to stand up and say "what liberal media bias?" Even funnier is CBS near-admission that the memos were fake but the story is still true. And if you buy that you really are too stupid to vote.

With polls showing journalists vote Democratic in rates of 4:1 (in "fly over" country) to 12:1 (in NY, DC and the coast--of course they didn't say how many of those "1" votes went to Green, Socialist, Communist etc. parties) I say it goes beyond mere bias to election fraud and an outright attempt to manipulate the American public.

However the truly interesting thing in this situation, as always, are the unintended consequences. Setting aside discussions of type fonts and proportional spacing (to say nothing of anachronisticc memo formatting and inappropriate acronyms and terminology) the net result of all this is that the TV is showing a lot of pictures of dashing young fighter pilot George Bush to a lot of women. Don't underestimate the impact of that.

In a famous debate between Kennedy and Nixon, it was reported that those who listened to the radio felt that Nixon had won the debate. But those who watched it on TV felt Kennedy had won. Why? Largely it was the women--who felt that Kennedy was better looking.

Fast forward to '04 where image is even more important and substance is unknown. The impact could be even greater.

I have noticed more pictures of Kerry in dress uniform (I'm not talking about the swift boat veterans version) being paraded around a bit in the media of late, but it's just not the same. Kerry never looked good and always looked stiff in uniform while the young George W looks relaxed, confident and manly.

Kerry and the media, not George Bush, would be advised to drop the subject of past military server and find another subject, fast.


Blogger Alien said...

CBS will be slaughtered by the other media giants and will wilt into nothingness and Mr. Rather will have his career to end in disgrace. On a lighter side, the only unmanly or girly girl picture of President Bush is the one of him at Yale as a cheerleader. BTW, JAP, nice Alien Autopsy pic/link.

September 16, 2004 at 5:14 PM  

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