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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Science Made Stupid

Every once in a while a site comes along that you just have to share. Such is the case with Science Made Stupid. Anyone who stayed awake in high school science class or who just kept watching TV on Saturday mornings even after the cartoons ended because they were too lazy to go outside--like I did, will appreciate the humor of this site. But if you find yourself accidentally learning anything, be careful!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Post-Modernism = Political Correctness = Liberal Left = Narcissism

Suddenly it all makes sense. While ostensibly about Michael Moore this really explains the whole post-modernist movement that the political left has not only embraced but forced down the throats of the rest of us. While the author, who leans left himself, doesn't go that far, it's pretty much an indictment of the whole Democratic party. I'm sure there are plenty of narcissists on the right, but I don't think the Republicans have made it a core value the way the Democrats have.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Teleportation and Einstein's Ghost

This is an interesting story to me for a couple of reasons. First, obviously the idea of teleportation itself is quite fascinating and for the last few years it seems we've been getting more and more hints that some form of real teleportation might ultimately be possible.

Secondly, and more personally, a few years ago I wrote a couple of stories where I needed faster than light communication across interstellar distances. While many authors have just waved their hand over this, or resorted to things like wormholes and messenger ships, I had heard of the EPR paradox and thought it might be useful. I was quickly disabused of the notion that phased-entanglement could be used to deliver information, however entanglement has reared it's ugly head again in this latest teleportation story. If data can be transferred between quantum bits in ion traps, it would seem that not just quantum computers but instantaneous interstellar communication could be possible as well.

While it may turn out that causality cannot be violated in this way after all, if I can just provide the suspension of disbelief long enough to get these stories published, I'll be happy.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Shoot. Don't Think

I don't own a lomo. I probably never will. I own a cheap digital camera that can barely manage more than 1 megapixal, which is very fussy about light and has a vindictively inaccurate viewfinder. It should be an acceptable substitute.

I do, however appreciate the attitude of this photographic movement especially as it is expressed in their 10 Golden Rules.

Now that I set up an account at hello I may be posting some from time to time. Of course that means I have to go out and get a life--since I do little more than go back and forth between work and home--and thus lack much in the way of subject matter. Still, I guess that is part of the lomo philosophy as well.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

If you look real close, you can see two flies in the flytrap Posted by Hello

But is it 508 compliant?

I meant to post this Friday when a friend sent it to me. I'd seen ascii movies before, but not one like this.

I wonder if ALA know about this or would approve of the the CSS abuse.

Friday, June 04, 2004

First Post

I hate those first posters on message boards so I thought I'd beat them to it in the hopes of keeping them at bay.

I'm also something of a reluctant blogger. It's not that I don't want to litter the public consciousness with my ignorant opinions the same as everyone else, it's just the fact that everyone else is doing it which makes me want to avoid this. But I'm coming to suspect that blogging (or something like it) is very probably the future of the web, and I'd like to stay out as far ahead of the technological curve as my time and finances allow.

Lately I've been learning PHP. (I know behind the curve again.) I've even been developing a primitive content management system that I could probably use for this, but I decided to give blogger a try because it seems like a quick and easy intro to blogging--and I haven't decided on what features I'd implement on my own. I had experimented with greymatter when I was with another host, but didn't feel like setting it all up when I switched. My directories on my current host are cluttered enough as it is.